Since 2010, Growing for Green, the eco-gardening group that spearheaded Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard, has offered a variety of educational workshops to help Torontonians provide the best care for their fruit trees. These workshops were organized by Growing for Green’s founder and coordinator, Susan Poizner.

In January 2013, Susan launched a new company called Orchard People which specializes in orchard consulting, fruit tree maintenance, and in fruit tree care education. Susan has trained aspiring orchardists in Toronto and across Canada with her webinars and in-person workshops. She is also the author of the award-winning book “Growing Urban Orchards: The Ups, Downs and How-tos of Fruit Tree Care“and the creator of online fruit tree care workshops.

Susan learned about fruit tree care the hard way – by making mistakes. She and the other volunteers at Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard have experienced the joys and the challenges of growing fruit in the city. Are you considering buying an apple tree? Or another type of fruit? Susan’s goal is to help you choose, plant and care for fruit trees that will be successful right from the start. Whether you plan to plant a fruit tree in your yard, or establish an orchard in your community, Orchard People provides the know-how you to grow fruit trees that will offer you abundant harvests for years to come.

For more information please e-mail Susan at or visit the Orchard People website.