Please help us make Ben Nobleman Park in Toronto a more beautiful place. Watch the video here or click on the donate button below. If you donate $10 or more you will receive a charitable receipt from The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.


It’s been eight years since we planted our first fruit trees in Ben Nobleman Park in Toronto and the project has helped bring this once neglected green space to life. We have stewardship days once a week in the spring and twice a month in the summer and fall. We have organized festivals and community events. We raised money for and built a huge harvest table for the community to enjoy and we renovated an old shrub bed, turning it into a beautiful pollinator garden.

Now we need your help.

Many of the plants in our pollinator garden have disappeared – many perished as a result of the ice storm in 2013. We are raising money to pay for new plants and herbs to fill in the empty spaces. Some of our fruit trees have been removed due to damage or disease and we need to purchase replacement trees. Most of all, each spring we need to purchase a large amount of organic mulch to feed our trees with each year.

Please watch this video…and donate to our campaign – and together we will make Ben Nobleman Park more beautiful! Donate by clicking on the link below:

Your funds will help pay for:

  • Straw for winter mulching ($50 a year)
  • Replacement fruit trees for trees that have been removed due to damage or disease ($50 per tree)
  • Herbs: 12 lavender plants, 12 sage plants, 12 thyme plants ($300)
  • Other plants: hostas, ferns and anemone for shady area of the pollinator garden ($300)
  • T-Shirts for our new volunteers ($30 per t-shirt)
  • Website updates and repairs: ($100)
  • Tools: New weed/water buckets, weeding knives ($120)
  • Extra funds will go to park signage, harvest festivals and other events.

We’d also love for you to join us!

  • Join our gardening team: We meet in the park and care for our trees and pollinator garden twice a month or more during the growing season.
  • Take pictures and write blogs for our website at on stewardship days and other events in the park.
  • Bookkeeping or accounting: We don’t really have much money, but would love some help managing the money we raise in the future
  • Community event planning: Help us organize festivals and events
  • Website development and management

For more information about volunteering, send an email to Lynn at info (at)

Thank you!