Cedarvale Orchard History

Children in this community used to have the opportunity to play amongst the fruit trees of Cedarvale. Harold Freeman moved into the area when he was a boy in 1944 and remembers picking fruit from the local orchards. The orchards, possibly planted in the late 1800s, had been largely abandoned by the 1940s when houses were starting to be built in the community. But there was a large swath of land between Cedarvale Ravine and Bathurst Street that was filled with fruit trees. When Harold moved into his current home on Chiltern Hill Road in the 1970s, there were four old fruit trees there from the original orchard in his yard…an apricot, a pear, an apple and a plum tree. All except one of those fruit trees died over the last 40 years.  Now only the apple tree remains. It’s probably 100 years old.