The bugs of Ben Nobleman Park

The volunteers of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard are talented in so many ways. But one new volunteer has a special flair for taking macro pictures of the bugs in our park. What a great opportunity to get to know the creatures that we share our orchard and pollinator garden with! Thank you Stacey G. for sharing your photos with us. We hope to include lots more pictures in upcoming blog posts! Check out the rest of her pictures below…

Want to meet the bugs of Ben Nobleman Park yourself? Come and join us on stewardship day by sending an email to GrowingforGreen (at) Or if you want to support us and don’t live nearby, please consider donating to our orchard. We’ll use the money for new plants, bulbs, trees, events, tools and volunteer t-shirts. Thanks!

Susan Poizner is the coordinator of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard. She also teaches online fruit tree care training at her award winning website She’s the author of the fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards and the host of The Urban Forestry Radio Show on internet based

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