A Mysterious Visitor in Ben Nobleman Park

Janina and Audrey, the “Tree Girls” mulched the trees in the west side of Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard while a mysterious visitor appeared in the east….

This weekend eight dedicated volunteers came to Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard to care for our fruit trees and pollinator garden. It was a wonderful day like all of our stewardship days. Janina and Audrey were in the west side of the park, working on expanding the mulch circles around our beautiful apple trees. And in the west side of the park, Susan, Sherry, Giselle, Lynn, Zsuzsa and Rafaela were weeding the garden bed. Focused on the task at hand, initially we didn’t realize we had a mysterious visitor in our midst…

A mysterious visitor is found in one of the trees in the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard Pollinator Garden.

But near the end of our two hour session, one of us noticed a small creature in the branches of one of the ornamental cherry trees in the pollinator garden. He was happily watching us weed the bed. He looked like he really appreciated our work. He didn’t move around much, but still, he looked cozy snuggled in amongst the branches. So our first task, upon meeting this little creature, was to take a group picture with him, so that he could feel very much part of our group.

Ben Nobleman Park Volunteers pose with the mysterious park visitor they found hidden in a tree. The mysterious visitor is located inside the smiley face and looks like his nose!)

The mysterious visitor – let’s call him “Rover”, seemed to be happy where he was. So we left him in the tree and finished tidying up the garden so it’s ready and lovely for the upcoming long weekend. We’ve asked Rover to keep an eye on the garden for a couple of weeks until our next stewardship session. Now that we have Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard T-Shirts for our new volunteers, we need to figure out if our neighbourhood printing company can produce them in XXXXSmall for Rover. I do hope Rover will still be there when we return for our next stewardship day.

And guess what? There’s lots more to do to keep our park beautiful and our orchard trees healthy! One of our jobs next time will be to weed the green roof on our pollinator garden which is currently decorated with unwanted dandelions. And then we have replacement trees and herbs to plant, more trees to mulch, and lots more. Come and join us next time for some great exercise, some fresh air and companionship and for a lovely day in the garden! You can download our BNPCO 2017 Stewardship Schedule by clicking here.

End of stewardship day! And one of our next jobs is to weed the green roof on top of the orchard shed!

Time to weed out the dandelions that are growing on our orchard shed!


Susan Poizner is the coordinator of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto. She is the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards , she teaches fruit tree care workshops online at www.orchardpeople.com/workshops and she is the host of the Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast at www.orchardpeople.com/podcast

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