The Time To Prune is Now...

Lynn preparing to prune fruit trees 2014

Lynn preparing to prune fruit trees in Ben Nobleman Park 2014

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This week Lynn, Sherry and Susan brought their tools out to the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard and went to prune the fruit trees. It was cold! But we know that this is the best time to prune young trees. We worked our way around the trees using the skills we have gained after four years of fruit tree pruning workshops. Now Susan is getting ready to launch an online workshop on pruning on her Urban Fruit Tree website  to help those who don't have access to fruit tree care mentors in their communities. Now, if you happen to live near our orchard which is located near Eglinton West subway in Toronto, you are welcome to come and join us for our upcoming (and first for 2014) stewardship day in the park on April 12th at 10.00 a.m. We will do a thorough tree inspection and will start cleaning up around the trees and the pollinator garden. To come and join us, send an email to growingforgreen (at) See you soon!


Learn about fruit trees! And learn the story of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard

The first copies of "Growing Urban Orchards" have arrived! The book was written by Susan Poizner and illustrated by Sherry Firing. Susan and Sherry are the founders of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto. To order your copy click here or visit

We'll it's been almost five years since we planted our first fruit trees in Ben Nobleman Park. It's been been two years since Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard founders Susan Poizner and Sherry Firing embarked on a quest to write an illustrated fruit tree care book that will help aspiring orchardists grow fruit trees organically. And now, finally, their published book has finally arrived.

Growing fruit has been such a journey for Susan, Sherry and all the volunteers of Ben Nobleman Park. There have been so many good times including planting, stewardship festival days and our first harvests. But there have been hard times too, as we have grappled with pest and disease problems and reached out to learn the long forgotten skills of organic fruit tree care.

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Fruit Trees Survive Ice Storm 2013...

Ice encased branches of a young cherry tree in Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto

Over 300 thousand people in and around Toronto have lost power, some shivering in their dark homes for days. On every street, trees branches have crashed to the ground, crushing parked cars or downing power and cable lines. Torontonians continue to struggle to walk or drive on our slippery streets. We are experiencing one of the worst ice storms in our city's history and yet the 14 young fruit trees in Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard have remained sturdy and safe despite the layer of ice that encases each of their branches.

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